Networking covers many of our services including installing and configuring business networks from the ground up, to helping you set up your home network.  Our professionals can help with wiring, routers, switches, networked printers, file sharing, and all other network issues that you may have.

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Data Recovery

Did your hard drive crash?  Or maybe you accidentally deleted a file.  Did you loose important business documents, or those priceless home photos?  Data may be one of our most precious commodities. Often times the data is not completely gone and we can work with you to recover your data.

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Does your business need help configuring or maintaining your current server?  Or maybe you are looking to upgrade.  At Butler Computer we have experience with Microsoft, Apple, and Linux servers. Whether it is preventative maintenance or ongoing management, we will customize a solution that is right for your business. 

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Need help setting up your business or home email?  From webmail to Outlook we can help you set up and manage your email servers, clients, filters, and forwarders.

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Our experts are A+ certified.  We can replace hard drives, processors, power supplies, memory, video cards, laptop screens, and any other component in your machine.

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Need help installing and/or configuring software?  From enterprise level business applications, to home software we have experience with hundreds of applications.  Give us a call today.


We service and repair all types of printers from dot matrix to ink jet to laser printers.  We can help with everything from paper jams to replacement parts.

Cloud Services

Is your business looking to utilize the cloud to reduce cost and increase productivity?  Don't know where to start?  Our certified AWS (Amazon Web Services) professionals can design a solution based on your needs.  We can also manage an maintain your cloud presence.


Do you need a new website?  Our designers have over 20 years of web design experience and can make fully interactive and responsive websites that look great on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Virus Removal

The internet is a dangerous place.  At Butler computer our complex virus removal process will eradicate any and all virus' including trojans, rootkits, keystroke monitors, worms, hijackers, ransomware, and many other common computer illnesses.

Internet Monitor & Control

In today's world the internet can be a dangerous place.  Especially where your kids are concerned.  We can help you monitor and or control your family's internet access.  From only allowing them to go to safe websites, to limiting their time spent online and more.

Mobile Devices

Phones and Tablets are expensive.  Don't go out and buy a new one.  If it is running slow many times we can do a system update or refresh and get it working like new.  Need help setting up your email or apps on your mobile device?  We are here to help.  Give us a call...if you are able.  If not shoot us an email.


From general network securiy to business compliance to business or home security camera and video surveillance, we've got you covered. Including data breches identity theft and more.  We can customize a solution for your business or home.


Is your business or personal website getting the traffic it should be?  Chances are that your website can benifit from our SEO Plan.  We will access your current SEO status, recommend a plan of action, and help you impliment the needed changes to get the users, clicks, and conversions you need.

Social Media

Can't keep track of all of the Social Media accounts that you need to be on? Need help with what to post, where to post, and how to post? Don't even know where to start?  We can help.  We can give expert advice and assistance based on your individual needs.

Remote Support

Often times we don't even need to have physical access to your computer or device.  With our Remote Support service we can connect up to you from our office and get your issue resolved faster.

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Smart Devices

With Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) the possibilities for smart devices are endless.  Home automation can simplify our daily life, improve security, and help give us more time. Need help sorting it out?  Give us a call.



We are an authorized webroot reseller. Webroot is consistantly in the top 3 of every major antivirus test done by every major publication.  It also does not use up all of your system resources like some other antivirus programs.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Got a screen that needs to be replaced?  We can find and replace the coorect screen for your particular model.  We will also let you know how much it will cost before we charge you.